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Season 1 Has Ended

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What and Who are CritterSweet Creations?

Our first season is a wonderful collection of colourful and creamy critters. These Critters will later be available to play in our planned metaverse sandbox game “CritterVerse” and will also be available as merchandise. Our Critters are available to mint now, here on the website. Collectors owning Season One Critters will have some advantages when the Special 1/1 drop and Season Two drops are released. Line up and order yours now!

The story

The nostalgic heartwarming music grew louder as the Ice-Cream Van rolled over the hill and into view, coughing and spluttering dark purple smoke, leaving behind it a melted ice-cream mess.

The girls stopped jumping in excitement and stared, eyes and mouths open wide. This ice-cream van was not like the one they remembered; something was off.

The van was beaten up and dirty, the driver’s door window was dark and covered, and on top of the van…sat something that looked like a large ICECREAM CANNON!

Suddenly, something caught the corner of their eyes. A small shadow scampered along near the tree line. Elyza crept up to the trees and peeked into the bushes, Alexia peering over her shoulder. A small furry little critter looked up at them with scared little eyes. It was a tiny little hedgehog…DISGUISED AS ICE-CREAM!

“Help me! Please!” the little critter begged, trembling in fear. “He’s an evil man! He chased us here into your world from Dessert World and is trying to capture me and my friends!”

“There’s more of you?” the girls asked, surprised.

It nodded its head. “There’s many more of us. All different critters able to blend into any dessert we like!” “Please you must help me!” the hedgehog icecream begged.

“Can you help me save all my friends?”..

Explore the Critterverse

We are aiming to build a CritterSweetCreations Metaverse where you will be able to purchase digital land parcels of the Critters Dessert World and build Critter Compatible Assets’ (CCA’s) such as shops, schools, hospitals, apartments etc.

THEN, create your own fully customisable avatar and import your own Critter NFT’s into a sandbox style social world interacting with other players as you trade, buy, sell and play!


CritterSweetCreations (Or CSC for short) CNFT’s are cute little critters from a Dessert World that have escaped into ours.

They come in many different species and colours (flavours) and have disguised themselves as Ice-Creams.

CSC’s are NFT assets on the Cardano Blockchain. The CritterSweetCreations Team is a small husband and wife team with close friends.

CSC is a family and community focused project!

Our CSC NFTs will be minted through our website!

PLUS we will release wallet address details on our Official Twitter Page ( AS WELL as in Discord at time of mint.

The mint price for one CSC NFT will be 36 ADA.

In the final weeks, the price has been discounted to 29 ADA.

A maximun of 10 NFT’s per TX but you are allowed multiple TX per wallet.

When we sell out, those who send ADA through after we sell out will be refunded as soon as possible.

This process may take a couple of hours due to congestion on the blockchain.

Yes there will be a rarity chart!

It will be posted in our Discord and on our website just after the launch.

Only send ADA from your Yoroi/Daedalus/Nami Wallets!

Do not send ADA from an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken etc.

Doing so will result in you losing the ADA and you will NOT receive your asset.

Yes!!! MASSIVE ADA prizes and NFT’s to be won!

Check out the giveaways channels in our Discord Server and check out Twitter for more information.

es! We have a Metaverse and a sandbox style game planned PLUS merchandise in the future! Details are on the website and for even more information, join our Discord and check out the “CritterVerse” and “Merch-store” channels.


The team

Critter King

G'day all! My name is Luke and I am the Founder of CritterSweetCreations.

I only recently jumped into the NFT scene, buying and trading NFT's and instantly fell in love and got hooked! A combination of art, stories, computers, trading, gaming and community; almost everything that I love!

Whilst I am not artistically gifted like my wife Critter Queen, I was the driving (nagging) force behind her work HAHA!

I love my CritterSweetCreations team!!! Having the opportunity to work alongside my wife, our two daughters (who have provided inspiration for the project AND feature in the Critters story) and my best friend Critter Jnr. on such a fun project has been an amazing journey!

I wish to welcome you all to our community and hope you love and believe in our project as much as we do!


Critter Queen

Hello everybody! My name is Lee-lee and I am the heart and soul of CritterSweetCreations!

I am the artist, the one that is bringing all these adorable critters to life!

The idea behind CritterSweetCreations was born from me making up fun bedtime stories for my 2 little princesses and then my youngest actually drawing a picture that inspired me!

I have always had a passion for drawing, painting and creating and whilst Critter King has always pushed me to get my art out there to show people I never have...until now.

Stepping into the NFT scene I have found this great opportunity to work with my family and friends to utilise my skills and love for art to create something beautiful that I am very proud of and so happy to share with the community!

I hope you all love these cute little critters I have created for you and hope you join us on this fun, colourful and exciting journey that has only just begun. x

Critter Jnr.

G'day everyone! My name is Nick and I am the Marketing Manager for CritterSweetCreations and Critter King's best friend!

I am a muso by trade so I'm no stranger to engaging with people/communites and marketing/promoting!

I have been in the Cardano and NFT scene for a while now and fell in love with everything Cardano and NFT related from the art to the community.

I am also the one that dragged Critter King into the scene and pushed him to start up his own project alongside Critter Queen!

I have absolutely loved working alongside this small, strong team at Critters and seeing the idea, the art and the community grow!

And you never know...perhaps I will feature in the music on the upcoming CritterVerse project!

Mini Critter

Forthy - Jeweler by day, CritterVerse Creator by night!

Our youngest member of the team and a very creative and tech savvy guy!

A good friend of ours and fellow gamer that we met a while back whilst playing Rust together.

We brought Mini Critter into the NFT scene and he absolutely loved it and jumped on board our family here at CritterSweetCreations.

With his love for game design, streaming and editing, he was the right guy for the job and team!

Here to handle all the CritterSweetCreations technical support from Discord, to video editing, game teaser and cinematic design.

Is there anything this Critter can't do?!

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